Support Tip: Improved visualization of deployment status


In OBM, the state of deployment jobs can be seen in the "State" column of the Deployment Jobs UI.

OBM keeps track of the last job for each assignment to allow easier validation of whether assignments got deployed. This brings improved transparency, especially for automatic assignments, and facilitates troubleshooting in case of missing or incomplete deployments. The deployment status reflects the latest operation per assignment. For example, if an initial aspect assignment succeeded but a parameter value update failed later, the deployment status would be shown as FAILED. The additional job states SUCCEEDED (job executed) and DELETED (jobs removed before execution) are also available to track the assignment jobs.

Starting with OBM 2023.05, deployment status for monitoring assignments is now visible in the context of an assignment. You can now see if and when your assignments got deployed in the "Deploy Status" column of the Assignments & Tuning UI. It is no longer necessary to switch to a different UI to check whether an assignment got deployed.

Note: the "-list_deploy_status" option of the "opr-assign" CLI can also be used to list deployment status: 

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