SiteScope or BSM and Ganglia integration

Dear Experts,

We are currently using SiteScope 11.22 installed on RHEL.

We have some servers or applications that were meant to use high CPU utilization or memory and therefore it affects SiteScope from retrieving the metrics in a timely manner.

After talking to an HP representative, it seems like one of our SiteScope instances is consuming more memory that it is supposed to be. And my theory is that because we have some servers that are meant to use high CPU utilization or lots of resources.


The HP rep also mentioned that this can affect SiteScope monitoring other servers and wanted to test this theory by moving these group of servers to another SiteScope instance.


So basically that team is also using Ganglia to monitor these servers which is better suited than SiteScope for those specific servers/applications. However, we want everything to somehow go through SiteScope so that it makes it easier to see if there was an issue or not. The monitoring tool they are using is called Ganglia.


Has anyone integrated Ganglia with SiteScope or BSM?

If so has anyone have any documentation or explain to me how this can be possible?


Any advice on this is very much appreciated.



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