Using SiS to monitor NNMi Incident counts over time

We're having a "problem" with having to trim our NNMi incident DB way too often and I want to track the number of incidents overtime, preferably using SiS.


The command I can run, as admin, on my NNMi server to get the incident count is this:


D:\NNMInstall\support\nnmprintcounts.ovpl | find "Incidents"


The output it returns is like this:


Incidents:  40670


I get an NNMi health incident when the # of incidents >= 90K.  The limit is 100K. 


My goal is to be able to see growth over time, both in tabular form and graphically.


1.  Can SiS obtain and provide to me this NNMi incident count info?


2.  If so, what SiS documentation can I look at to get the procedure, preferably with examples, of how to gather and display this type of "remote admin command line" generated info?




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