Missing EPI Steps selector (4) for groovy script development, thoughts?

Admin -> Operations Manager -> Event Automation -> EPC -> Event Processing Customizations


There are 3 panes.... EPI Steps, Event Processing Scripts and Details. In the EPI Steps pane there should be 4 options of when you want the groovy script to run, like "Before CT/ETI Resolution", "After CI/ETC Resolution", "Before Storing Events", "After Storing Events"


2 of the 3 new BSM clusters I built are working perfectly.... the troublesome one is completly missing the four EPI Steps selector, preventing you from developing groovy scripts.


I could really use some help!   I just stopped the the cluster and cleared the server cache and restarted it.... flushed my browser cache, local java files and java cache...  Same exact results.


Any Ideas?


~John Sweeney