BPM TruClient errors



Any idea what this error means?


8/13/2014 11:32 AM  Location_X TruClient execution failed  t=00038062ms: Error -205177: exception while calling handlers in RuleEngine dispatch, ex=[Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0xffffffff [xlrISnapshotOnError.dumpedSnapshotOnError]" nsresult: "0xffffffff (<unknown>)" location: "JS frame :: file:///c:/program files/hp/bpm/bin/gecko/components/xlrReplayEngineXPCOMWrapper.js :: <TOP_LEVEL> :: line 903" data&colon; no], event=[Event type="step/errorSnapshot" target="11: Wait for Tämä on Test palveluportaalin..."], handler=
function (e) {
if (RRE.RTS("RTS.TruClient.ReplaySnapshotsModeGen")) {
var resultDir = RRE.RTS("config.result_dir");
var iterNum = RRE.RTS("config.iteration_number");
if (iterNum > SnapshotManager._lastIterationWithError) {
SnapshotManager._InfCounter = 0;
var infName = SnapshotManager.updateAndReturnNewInfName();
var prefs = Cc['@mozilla.org/preferences-service;1'].getService(Ci.nsIPrefService);
prefs = prefs.getBranch("LoadRunner.config.");
var scriptDir = prefs.getComplexValue("user_dir", Components.interfaces.nsIPrefLocalizedString) ||
var xslPath = scriptDir "\\web2ui.xsl";
var netDirIndex = xslPath.indexOf("netdir");
if (netDirIndex != -1) {
xslPath = xslPath.substr(netDirIndex 7);
if (xslPath.charAt(1) == "\\") {
var prefix = xslPath.substring(0, 1);
xslPath = xslPath.substr(1);
xslPath = prefix ":" xslPath;
} else {
xslPath = "\\\\" xslPath;
var SnapshotOnError = Components.classes['@hp.com/LoadRunner/xlr-snapshot-error-service;1'].getService(Components.interfaces.xlrISnapshotOnError);
var snapOnErrorDir = SnapshotOnError.getSnapshotPath().length > 0 ? SnapshotOnError.getSnapshotPath() : resultDir "Iteration" iterNum;
SnapshotManager.createInf(snapOnErrorDir, infName, e.data);
SnapshotManager.createXml(snapOnErrorDir, infName, xslPath);
SnapshotManager._lastIterationWithError = iterNum;
} Snapshot Info [MSH 1 1] [MsgId: MERR-205177]  -  



This happens on 5 different BPM machines that have different BPM versions installed:

Version  9.22 Build 260 

Version 9.24 Build 191


Vugen used is:

Version 11.52 Build 5113


BSM version is:

Version 9.24.091, Build 111


Above error was generated after "Generate Snapshot on Error" was selected for the script and the script was updated to BSM. Error takes up all the space on BSM Error Log as you can see in the attached file.


Any ideas how to fix this?

  • Hi Nokkave,


    BPM 9.22 doesn't support replay of VuGen / LR 11.50 SP2 (= 11.52),

    support for LR 11.52 Replay only has been added with BPM 9.23,
    so first you need to make sure that you are running in a supported environment.

    Also as per the BPM 9.22 release notes
    The Snapshot on Error feature is not supported for the Ajax TruClient protocol


    I found some known issues with Snapshot on Error and BPM 9.22, which got fixed in BPM 9.23.

    If you plan to upgrade the instances running BPM 9.22 to a newer version to be in sync with LR 11.52,

    you might first wanna try it with BPM 9.23


    It seems that with TruClient with issues around the Snapshot on error functionality the error message always is that long and consumes a lot of space in the BSM Error log.





  • Same error appears on BPM machines with:
    Version 9.24 Build 191

    Any other ideas then?
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