service health analyzer how to start and stop



I have installed SHA on win2012. 

I want to know that for SHA what are the default servcie or process ? does it has any console or jmx console ?


I have installed it on win 2012 which aslo has BSM9.24 but I cannot see any service /process for BSM and even I am not sure that is it working now or not?


Where I can see the log files for this tool also?

do we need to install SHA9.24 patch with BSM9.24 also? 

how we can start and stop SHA anaylytics server?


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  • Hi SahilSharma,


    have a look at the following KCS documents:


    KM00203188 - SHA 9.10 - How to verify that all required services are up and running
    KM00203183 - SHA 9.10 - How to start SHA on Linux
    KM00374312 - SHA - Information Around Metrics and Baselines
    KM00380239 - How to setup BSM 9.2x with Service Health Analyzer (SHA) Data Collector for Performance Agent (PA)
    KM00967215 - BSM / SHA - the SHA database size increases, although no CIs have been selected for SHA

    (although the titles say "SHA 9.10" they also apply to SHA 9.2x)


    To start with, I can only recommend to go through the following sections in the manuals:
     BSM 9.2x Application Administration - Part 6 - Service Health Analyzer (55 pages with various graphs)
     BSM 9.2x User Guide - Part 7 - Service Health Analyzer (76 pages with various graphs)

    I know that a lot of applications administrators and users are proud of never having used a manual or online help in their life, but from my support experience with SHA almost three quarters of all questions are answered by the documentation!