SiteScope Log Monitor issue

Hi All,



I'm having a strange issue with a log monitor. SiteScope version 11.23. 


SiteScope is able to access the log and read it. The log file is very large. Daily it can get up to almost 1GB. So when it is read succussfully it will show a summary similar to this: 0 matches, 0 matches/min, 10374 log entries/min. The monitor is looking for an error string, running every 5 minutes, and is set up to never check from beginning. 


After a while (usually after a few hours) it seems to stop reading the log. The summary will return 0 matches, 0 matches/min, 0 log entries/min. However, the log is logging info. 


What I have done is switched the settings to server side processing and changed the log file encoding to match the log file. This reads out 0 matches, 0 matches/min, 0 log entries/min as well, but when I change back to unchecked "server side processing" and switch the encoding back to the default value it will start to read the log again for the next few hours. 


Any idea why SiteScope seems to stop reading the log? Does it have to do with file size, or the amount of lines logged/minute? 





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