BSM SLM reports



Is it possible to edit reports and remove sections? For example from outage summary report to pdf, is it possible to remove "Service Level Management displays reports according to the SLA's time zone." section?

From help doc:

To customize the display for specific reports:

  1. Select Admin > Platform > Setup and Maintenance > Infrastructure Settings.

  2. Select Foundations.

  3. Select Reporting.

  4. In the Reporting - Display table, locate Specific report display customization. Change the value to the XML script for the report components you want to customize. A sample configuration file is located at:

    <HPBSM root directory>\AppServer\webapps\site.war\

Is this the correct place?

Tryed something like this with no luck:

 <component report-id="outages_summary" presentation-model-name="slm_remoteNote">
  <properties-set key="properties.paging">
   <property key="properties.paging" value="false" />