File Monitor pulling back size, but not age

So I have a domain admin account, it can get to pretty much everything.  It also runs the SiteScope service.


I have a file monitor hitting \\servername\d$\filename.txt


It pulls back the size of the file, but not the age.


I logged into the SiS server as the DA account, I can hit the directory and see the file (and open it).


Also, I logged into the SiS server as me, I CANNOT hit the directory at all.  So this obviously is somewhat locked down...


Then I logged into the SiS server as me, ran 'runas \user:DM-Account cmd' and then ran 'dir \\servername\d$\filename.txt' and it returns the stats of the file no problem.


So why then cannot SiteScope file monitor also pull back the age of the file???   Seems weird it can only get the size.


For what its worth, I'm running this from 11.12.  I tested it on 11.11, and it worked!  So what the heck?  Thanks for your thoughts on this. :)


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