How to sync customized event type indicator to SiteScope


We come with an issue that customized event type indicator can not be synced from OMi to SiteScope.

OMi version is 10.01 with latest Patch on Linux

SiteScope vervion is 11.33.401  on Windows

We have created a new ETI in OMi --> Admin --> Service Health -->Health and Event Type Indicators

Ideally, it should be sync to SiteScope, and we can use it in Indicator Settings for each monitor. However, we cannot find it no matter how many times syn (soft and hard) performed.

And we can find the indicators.xml under D:\SiteScope\conf\integration\bsm, and it doest not contains the ETI we created in OMi console.

I tried to delete the indicators.xml and it gets generated automatically after SiteScope restart, and still does not contains the one we expected.

Is there any offical step to do the ETI sync from OMi to SiteScope?

thanks for your help



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