Remote Accessing JMX Console in BSM GW

Hi All,

We just upgraded to BSM 9.26. We need to access the JMX Console and invoke the method validateEumModel method in Topaz:service=EUM Administration Service. In BSM 9.24, we access this through port 29601 but this port is not available in BSM 9.26.

We noticed that there is a new argument in opr-jmxClient in 9.26, that is, -r or remoting and port 4447 is used in RMI channel between HP BSM Servers. We tried to used it in our DP server in invoking other methods and it worked but we cannot make it work in the GW server. Moreover, validateEumModel method is only available in the GW server

We used this command in the BSM GW server,

opr-jmxClient.bat -s localhost:4447 -r -b "Topaz:service=EUM Administration Service" -m validateEumModel -a 1 "BPM" "yes" "no"

But we are getting this error,

RMI URL = 'service:jmx:remoting-jmx://localhost:4447' Unable to invoke invoke(), status=WAITING

        at org.jboss.remotingjmx.protocol.v2.ClientConnection$


        at com.hp.opr.cli.JMXClient.main(


  • there were 2 major changes in BSM9.26:

    1) the BUS technology was replaced, so now the jmx-console port is 29000 (earlier it was 8080)

    2) by default the remote access to jmx-console is restricted. you can enable it via infrastructure settings > Security context

    the RMI port (if you want to access it via the tool you mentioned) was also changed but i cannot find it right now.

  • Hi Jane1,

    We have BSM 9.26 in our environment and I found the EUM Administration Service under the following URL

    http://<GWFWDN>:29000/mbean?objectname=Topaz:service=EUM Administration Service

    As mentioned by Asaf, you can enable Remote JMX using the Infrastructure Settings --> Foundations Security --> Restrict remote access to JMX console . Change this value to false.

  • Hi Asaf,

    Yes, we are aware that the port 29000 is the new port for JMX Console in BSM 9.26 but this is for accessing JMX Console via Web. We have also set the restriction of jmx-console to false so we can access it aside from localhost. But the problem here is we are trying to access JMX Console remotely via a command prompt. This is because we run a script that automatically checks if our EUM structure is OKAY instead of doing it manually. We now use port 4447 in accessing the JMX Console remotely but this only works in the DP Server. The validateEumModel method is not available in DP Server and can only be invoke from the gateway server. Do you know the port on how we can access the JMX remotely in the Gateway server? The equivalent port of 4447 for DP Server in the GW server may be.

  • it is the same port also on the GW (4447) but you need to add JBoss user for the connection.

    please take a look at System Health 9.26 guide:

    which explains how to add JBoss user.

  • Hi Asaf,

    It looks like the JBoss user and the JDK install package do not do the trick. We tried invoking her methods such as listAllDowntimesAsHTML in the Gateway server using the command below and it worked even without the Jboss User.

    opr-jmxClient.bat -s localhost:4447 -b "Topaz:service=DowntimeManager" -m listAllDowntimesAsHTML -a 1 –r

    Any idea why other methods run in the same Gateway server but it is getting the error I mentioned before for the ValidateEumModel method? This shows that this is not a port issue since other methods are being invoked.