Sitescope monitors cause too many Idle Sessions on remote windows nodes

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I've posted this in the general Sitescope forum and trying my luck here with this in the customer forum.  I've already had a few responsed from Kenneth, no solution (yet) ...


I have Sitescope 11.22 running a couple of monitors and find on some of the remote windows nodes being monitored have a few idle sessions which are more than 5 days to 2 weeks old and older.


We've been using the "net sess" command on the windows nodes to check and see how long sessions from sitescope server have been idle.  We also use "net sess \\<sitescope_hostname> /delete /Y" to remove all sessions associated with the sitescope server which helps clear all the idle sessions, however we view this as a workaround and is unacceptable as a solution.


We have also tried disabling caching connections in the monitors, (though to my understanding if the monitor is configured to use caching netbios connections then the the netbios connections should be re-used and should really only be a handfull idle sessions running and not filling up the netbios connections from sitescope server on the remote windows node).


The monitors we run are:

HOST23 Disk (C) - Microsoft Windows Resources
HOST23 Disk (D) - Microsoft Windows Resources
HOST23 Memory - Microsoft Windows Resources
HOST23 Ping


I see this has been reported in the past from at least 2 others (searched forums on NETBios connections) though not clear to me if the problem was actually solved from those two other reported instances, they are roughly a year or older now.


I'd like to know the cause and more importantly how to resolve this issue, Sitescope creates too many sessions on the remote windows nodes until no more netbios sessions can be created hence sitescope is eventually denied access from the remote windows nodes - this reflects badly on us as we have monitoring enabled and because of the monitors tie up the session limits and lose the ablitity to monitor the windows nodes.


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  • Hi Jimmi,

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    Please send me some screenshot of problem you are encountering for better understanding.

    When did the problem happen?

    Have you tried to restart  on both Sitescope and Remote Windows and see if it works?


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  • Hello,


    This is a problem I've never heard of before, so it's a little interesting. As someone who started with SiS 8.x and has been monitoring over 1k servers every year since, I've never had a problem like this with windows servers. There was a problem early on with Linux and Unix servers where ssh sessions were building up, but HP quickly fixed the probelm, and there's also the connection limit setting in the remote server form which is nice. There is a connection limit in the windows remote server form. Have you set that to 1 to see if that helps? If you've already tried this, I apologize for suggesting again.


    Off the top of my head it feels like a network connection issue but apparently not? Pings come back realatively flat over a 24 hour period? Also, is this happening at certain times of the day where maybe the server isn't responding fully to SiteScope requests? I'm thinking backups or the times backups happen.


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  • Hi David,


    We are monitoring over 400 Windows Server, at the moment we know of about half a dozon or so the problem is occuring on.  We're preparing a script to run and identify how many other windows nodes are having the same issue.


    Here is a screenshot of "net session" and "net config server" output from the remote windows server, you'll see idel sessions created by the sitescope server - I've removed references in the screenshot to circumvent the identification of the end customer.




  • JimiT,


    In the screen shot above, the idle sesson times make little sense to me.


    1. "Idle session time <min> --- "The “Idle session time (min)” is the time up to which users can be active on this server. After expiry of this time, the users will be disconnected automatically and they have to log on to again to access files. By default, it is 10 minutes but you can change it to as per your requirement. To change the idle time setting, please use the following command:"  "Example : Net Config Server /AUTODISCONNECT: 50"


    With the above statement being true about Idle session time, below we see sessions open for 1 day and up to 20 days.  Why isn't windows automatically closing those sessions after 10 to 15 minutes? If SiteScope is logging in every 10 minutes, for example, and never closes its sessions, those sessions should never build up past 2.


    Is there something being overlooked?



  • As a session test I did the following:


    1. Chose 1 remote server on SiteScope to test with.

    2. Ran the monitor in SiteScope, and then disabled the monitor.

    3. Remote desktop to the remote server to which SiteScope was monitoring.

    4. After 14 minutes of the last time SiteScope ran a monitor against the server, I ran the net session command.


    C:\Users\Omitted>net sess

    Computer               User name            Client Type       Opens Idle time

    \\IP                               ommited                                       0 00:14:00     <<<<<< This is expected because it's been 14 minutes.

    The command completed successfully.


    After 15 minutes I ran the same command again.

    C:\Users\Omitted>net sess
    There are no entries in the list.      <<<<<<<< This is expected because windows automatically closed the old session after 15 minutes.



    In the above example, the sessions are being cleaned by Windows as I expect it would.  However, in JimiT's example windows is not clearing out the sessions.  Keeping SiteScope to the side, why isn't windows automatically removing those old sessions automatically hence keeping those sessions from ever building up?




  • Hi David,

    I'll look at the frequency and if the monitors are running too frequently I'll try to reduce them to run after every 15 minutes or so. Seems like one other poster in another thread resolved the problem in this manner, ie:

    Re: netbios session limit
    ‎05-07-2010 09:15 PM

    agreed ... i've been having the very same problem with a QTP script connecting to a network share to start a client application on it.
    i have simply lowered the frequency of the script running all 15 min instead of 10 min. this has worked as workaround so that the problem has not come up again. changing the registry settings as described in the MS article has not helped in my case. but for sure it's worth a try since client machine setup might be different in your case.