HP RUM - Can other page elements such as JS,CSS,Image can be captured using End User Management



Under HP BSM – End User Management, I have defined a Business Application(web application, HTTP protocol), containing a CI Collection. Each CI represents a page ( I have defined pages using URL). I am using HP RUM as data collector.


So my question, in actual when a web application is loaded, along with html, other page elements such as JS, CSS, images will also be rendered. However I am not able to capture response for these additional page elements.


Need help with regards to capture other page elements response.



  • Hi BluSky,

    Good day,


    Could you confirm your RUM & BSM version?

    Please check  the capture.conf file in RUM probe the "page_filename" section would be like below:


    Default page_filename:




    - Remove the css & js in page_filename to instruct RUM Probe capture css , js extension.


    In RUM EUM, make sure "Enable Clickstream" and "Enable page component breakdown" options enabled.


    Please let me know how it goes,


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  • Hi BluSky,

    SonDang has given proper direction. Just small notes in addition:

    1. You should not modify capture.conf directly. It's going to be automatically generaded and replaced next time engine synchronizes configuration. You should work with HPRUM/conf/configurationmanager/Beatbox_XXXXX_const_configuration.xml (where XXXXX is either "default" to affect all connected probes or probe name to affect a single probe). The approach is still hte same - find regular expression which filters out irrelevant resources and remove resources you're interested in from that expression. (don't forget to synchronize configuration)

    2. Component breakdown isn't necessary if you want to monitor those kinds of resources as if they are pages.


    Hope that helps,