HP BSM - capacity and trend report

Dear Experts,

We are currently using BSM 9.22 and SiteScope 11.22.

I was wondering how can I create a report from BSM that would give me some kind of trending report for our disk space.

So basically I would like to have some kind of prediction of how fast certain disk or filesystems are being filled up so that we can plan accordingly to add more disk space etc...


Any advice on this is very much appreciated.



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  • Hi again,


     First , the calculated metrics are available in a separate section in the monitor properties, called "Calculated metrics".

    The calculated metrics allow you to use the current metrics (as provided by the monitor) and by applying different arithmetic and logical operations to create new one.

     The example I showed is just a sample you may use a different expression on diffrent metrics to achieve results based on your needs.

     The calculated metric from my example , does shows how fast the disk space usage grows , still you need to determine your self how t oset the trsholds for it or modify it if needed.

    For example you may create another metric which woul go into error if the current grow of the %full is bigger than certain value and the available disc space is below certain value, this could be used as an indication that the disc space is used rapidly and more needs to be added. Still again it all depends on your needs and implementation, this is a powerfull tool and we just need to use it.


     Hope it helps!