Monitor Sqlserver 2012 database query


i have sqlserver 2012 and i need to monitor database query.

how can i do it ?

i need databse driver path but where i can download driver ? and how the syntex is writing ? 

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    Hi jonny8,

    why do you use a thread which is six years old, instead of opening up a new one, so that at least the subject makes sense?

    In any case,
    SiteScope 11 (what is the exact version, we have 11.00, 11.1x, 11.2x, 11.3x, this can make a big difference) with MS SQL Server 2012:

    all your questions are answered properly in the SiteScope manual.
    Check out the SiteScope - for example 11.33 - Monitor Reference manual
    Chapter 23: Database Query Monitor
     Setup Requirements and User Permissions

    which tells where to download what driver, what do with it, and how to setup the monitor.

    Here is an example from one of my test systems:

    As driver I downloaded "Microsoft JDBC Driver 6.0 for SQL Server" from

    which supports
    - Microsoft SQL Server 2016
    - Microsoft SQL Server 2014
    - Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
    - Microsoft SQL Server 2008

    I installed it to
    and then copied the files
     <SiteScope root directory>\WEB-INF\lib\ subdirectory
    followed by a SiteScope restart.

    Database Connection URL : jdbc:sqlserver://<myhostname>:1433;DatabaseName=VM402_BSM_MGMT
    Database Driver         :

    (the DBMS is MS SQL 2008)