BSM 9.26 Installation Drive

While installing BSM 9.26 I am not presented with the option to change the intallation drive.  During the configuration step I am only asked what type of server (Typical,, GW or DPS) and not what drive I would like it intalled on.  Has anyone else seen this issue?  I have run the install wizard as Administrator.

  • Hi Kevin,


    was BSM installed on that box before? I think as long as the installer finds a trace of a previous installation (via Windows Registry entries) it doesn't offer to change the installation path.

    If this is the case, you would need to delete all entries in the Windows Registry which is related to BSM. However, you need to be REALLY careful no to ruin something which is still needed.


    And if this is Linux by any chance, you cannot change the installation folder, it's always /opt/HP/BSM.






  • yes BSM 9.25 was installed previously and was uninstalled as per the 9.26 documentation.  It was installed on the D drive and now it is putting it on the C drive.  

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