BSM 9.26 Installation Drive

While installing BSM 9.26 I am not presented with the option to change the intallation drive.  During the configuration step I am only asked what type of server (Typical,, GW or DPS) and not what drive I would like it intalled on.  Has anyone else seen this issue?  I have run the install wizard as Administrator.

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  • Hi Thakur,

    Read the BSM Upgrade Guide - 9.2x to 9.26 (BSM_926_UpgradeGuide92x_926.pdf).  This can be found on the HP Software Support site, and it has lots of important information on how to upgrade from 9.25 to 9.26, which requires a re-install:

    After logging in, select the following:

       Document Type:   Manuals

       Products:   application performance management

       Version:   9.26

    In the Search field at the top, enter 'Upgrade' and look for the document.  Alternatively, enter  'Complete' and download the BSM 9.26 Complete Doc Set.  The upgrade document is in the BSM_921_Deployment_Guides_Package zip.

    You can find the 9.26 software by ticking 'Patches' instead of 'Manuals'.



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