How to deal with Daylight Save time ?

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We are working with BSM 9.26 distributed (GW and DP) installation. There are another team using an ETL to extract the info from our database and load it in another dashboard. We are getting problems because the sampletime and dbdate fields doesn't match, sampletime is in GMT and dbdate in GMT 1 (BST).

We'd like to know if there is any way to set the timezone to London time zone and deal with the daily save time, I mean, when the time change, it is changed in the sampletime field also.

We realized that there is an option to set the time zone in the admin/platform/infractucture setting, but we dont know the format to introduce the time zone and if it is going to deal with the DST

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  • first of all, i think you wanted to ask about "Daylight Saving Time".

    moreover, the data is stored in the DB according to the DB timezone, which must be the same as BSM servers timezone. when querying the DB for different reports we use the "sample_time" field and timezone is converted according to the user's timezone as defined in Personal Settings.

    instead of querying directly the DB you can use the Custom Query Builder which queries the DB using the timezone of the logged-in user. you can then export the report to URL and consume it in your dashboard tool. this way you are taking care of DST since BSM will take care of it for you.

  • Hi Asaf,

    Sorry, yes, I mean Daylight Saving Time.

    The Database is in the proper timezone (BST) and therefore DBdate field is in this timezone, however , the other field, sampletime is not, and AFAIK, this is inserted in GMT. Am I right?

    Are there any way to align these two fields? 

    It easier way use the query against the database in order to be able to fill the other team dashboard, and because of that we are using this procedure.

    Do you think this is something that we can deal ? What about the timezone setting in admin/platform/Infractucture setting ?




  • Verified Answer

    You cannot change the timezone of "sample_time" so you cannot force BSM to align DBTime and sample_time.
    I already recommended you what is the correct path to solve your issue. There isn't anything else I can think of.

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