Diaster Recovery and database replication


I have installed a BSM 9.26 (EUM and Baseline) in a distributed environemnt, and a DR (disaster recovery).

I have some doubts about if I can replicate the database just partially (just bussines data avoiding references to servers .. ) and therefore avoid cleanup procedure, configure, and raise the BSM DR every time the diaster happen.

The idea is take the minimun time, just change the VIP to point to the BSM DR, and same with the database, since the BSM DR would be running and configured (configured after installation, the first time we raised it) .

Is it possible? How can we know what schemas/tables has the bussines data and the data necessary to have the bsm running without references to the main one?

I hope you understand me and my scenario.


  • why are you trying to invent the wheel and try procedures which were not certified?

    the cleanup procedures are needed because BSM keeps in the DB its own servers names. if you just change the VIP and start BSM on new servers, but the DB is not up to date then BSM won't start.


  • Sorry, buy this is the request my client is giving to me, and I'm trying to get if it is possible or not and how to do.

    I'm thinking in replicate the DB only the values refering to transactions/scripts,  threshold , scripts, metrics .... but no references to the servers. The first time after install the DR, I configure the DR database and therefore it is going to have the references to their own server (DR server). Since the database is only replicating frequently the bussines data, there are no interferences and the DR can be running, doesn't have it logic for you ?


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    and what will happen if you miss one field during your backup or not-to-backup? do you feel like you know the BSM DB structure so well that you can achieve something that R&D didnt test?

    moreover, this scenario is not certified so i doubt if Support will be able to assist you in case you will open support case in the future about your DR env. not working correctly after you perform failover....

  • Hi, 

    That the point, I'm asking about that scenario but I dont know what data I have to copy. The scenario make sense to me, but if nobody can say to me what I need to copy I guess I need to copy the whole database.


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