BSM PM: Graph not available for all the CI (same CI Type)

Hello Support,

I have created few custom graphs which went well. after creating all the graphs under graph family called _XYZ i followed the instruction mentioned under help section "To map a CI Type To a graph family" which looks as below.

but when i use service health to launch the graph on a Unix CI, i dont find this Graph family.

Do i have to restart BSM OR I am missing some steps?



  • Hello KAKA,

    In general if you assigned a graph to a CIT, the graph should show immediately on the Cis from that CIT as far as I know. You don’t see only this graph family for the CI or none? You don’t see the graph on any Unix CI or certain? Are the metrics included in the graph available on the Unix CI? A restart if possible is not a good thing to try.  



  • Hi Rosen,

    Thanks for your response. this is what i thought but i see this graph only on CI which was selected while creating this graph/Family for first time.

    SysInfra and VirtualIfra graphs are available for all UNIX CI.

    Yes, metrics included in the graph are available on the UNIX CI.