Upgrade OA agent on OMi

Dear Experts,

I have configured a log file monitoring and deployed on OMi server. it sends alarm only for first time and then never until i restart opcle on it.

by default it has OA 12.02 and i am thinking to upgrade the agent to 12.03 without really spending time with OA HP Support.

i remember that on OMW to upgrade agent on management server required several additional steps (because of shared component between Server and Agent) and wondering are there any additional steps for OMi too or one can upgrade the agent just by running oainstall.vbs script?


  • Hi,

    If you are not getting an answer to your question, then you can try the Operations Manager i Support Customer Forum. Today we are hosting an online expert day where we will have extra OMi support experts in this forum.

    I see that you have access to this forum, which is only accessible to members with a valid Support Agreement ID (SAID).

    In this forum we have software support engineers that are monitoring the forum and can perhaps assist you with your question? Even outside of an expert day you can submit your questions as we always have support engineers monitoring the forum.

    Just wanted to let you know.



  • Dear All,

    I have installed BVD in OMi server and later we have uninstalled it... After Uninstalling BVD from OMi server Operation Agent in OMi server is stopped working and when I Execute command opcagt I am getting error like


    'opcagt' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.


    bvdaging BVD Aging BVD Stopped
    bvdpg BVD Postgres DB BVD Aborted
    bvdrc BVD Receiver BVD Stopped
    bvdredis BVD Redis Server BVD Stopped
    bvdsc BVD Sidecar BVD Stopped
    bvdws BVD Web Server BVD Stopped
    ovbbccb OV Communication Broker CORE (3040) Running
    ovcd OV Control CORE (2424) Running
    ovconfd OV Config and Deploy COREXT (5412) Running
    ovcs OV Certificate Server SERVER (8196) Running