BPM Alert Receipt Groups can use only one Email Template


I have a customer who wants to create multiple BPM alerts in APM. The alerts are configured with different measurements/transactions even though they are sent to the same receipient groups. The customer wants to use different email templates depending on the transactions are selected. The body of the template contains information regarding the transactions.

The issue is that every time we change the email template for a receipient group, it changes the email template of the group used in other alerts. Have anyone seen this problem or is there a way to configure a different email template per BPM alert? Thanks.

APM 9.40 

  • Hello,

    Regarding what you are saying, this seems to be an expected behavior, it seems to me that today you were in a meeting with one of my support colleagues for a case on this topic.

    He and I were doing several tests in our laboratories, the response obtained was the following::

    "Using one single group of recipients you can use only one template. So when you use this same Recipients group in different alerts is expected that it changes the Template in both alerts.

    In order to use different templates you’ll need to create Two different Recipient Group (using same mails) and select the correct template for each group."


    Farid M.