HP vPV datas failed to sync


OS: Cent 7

License : Evaluation

am trying to add a HyperV host to vPV, 'vPVWinVirtCollector' installation successful with the HyperV server but 'status of data sources' and datas are not replicated in vPV dash board.


getting the below log from 'vPVWinVirtCollector' file collected from the hyperV host.


08/30/2015 12:34:22, ERROR:  , vPVWinVirtCollector, 13, Error uploading data to the serverxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:383/pvcd.pvc.rrListener.JSONRemoteRequestHandlerfor Cluster. Error response = StatusCode = ServiceUnavailable, Message =

08/30/2015 12:34:22, INFO:   , vPVWinVirtCollector, 13, Cluster data submitted. Total time taken for all Hosts 00:00:09.5912191. Start next collection


Kindly advice

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