system event log information error "Could not retrieve event log information"


We are running SiteScope 11.32 on windows server, while monitoring Event Log for System , Application we are getting error "Could not retrieve event log information", and this is happening ONLY for few servers and not for all servers.

We could see Registry services and firewall are enabled as well.

Below is the error form runmonitor logs:

( ERROR - [Windows][Baseline][server_name][EventLog][Application]: error reading NT Event Log, exit status = 5


Any suggestions how to resolve this?


  • Buenas tardes

    Valida que tus usuario tenga todo los permisos y que  sea miembro o grupo  de "Event Log Readers"

    Valida tu conexión con los siguientes: 

    -  /SiteScope/tools>perfex \\servername -u username -p password =238

    - (Desde SiS Server ) Run---wbemtest ---- Connect --- \\servername\root\cimv2   y ingresar usuario y password