Snapshot function operates in any setting?

I installed the two BPM 9.26.

The One of version of the UFT is 12.02 and the other is 12.51
One of the two is UFT 12.02. and The other is the UFT 12.51 

UFT 12.02 is Normal Operation "Snapshot On Error".
UFT 12.51 is not Working "Snapshot On Error".

It's same Script and same UFT Setting(Option)

Does the snapshot function operates in any setting?

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    first of all, 

    I had to modify this UFT12.52 --> UFT12.51

    and I did not find any errors related to the snapshot in workspace log

    i upload file workspace.

    I thought two ways Snapshot Set up. 

    1. UFT Options - GUI Testing - Screen Capture - Save still image (check) 

    2. UFT Setting - Run - Save image of desktop when occurs (check)

    Are there any other additional ways how to do this?



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