How to monitor AIX Infrastructure with OMi or HP BSM

I have case "Monitor IBM AIX Infrastructure", my question is that possible with HPE solutions(HP BSM, HP OMi)? I have found some tools like OMi Management Pack for Infrastructure  where AIX is listed. I am preparing to test implementation of HP Operation Bridge and downloaded HP OMi, furthermore I have HP BSM in my company and SiteScope in other team, so maybe I can use it, but I really want to use HP OMi.

Regards Jacek



  • Hi Jacek, 

    Yes, you can use HP OMi to monitor your IBM AIX Environment. HPE providing a product called OMi  Management Pack for Infrastructure to monitor your infrastructure like IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris, Standalone, VMWare, like... 

    For this you have to have few HPE products, 

    1. HPE Operations Agent, you have to install OA on any of your LPAR(Logical Partition) machine. 

    2. HPE OMi, you have to install OMi Management Pack for Infrastructure on your OMi setup and start deploying the Management templates or Aspects based on your requirement. 

    Even you can monitor your IBM environment with HP BSM. Please go through OMi Management pack for infrastructure documents to find out more about IBM AIX monitoring. 

    Feel free to come back to us if you have more queries.