OMi 10 Logging in to two different servers from same browser



Is it possible to have two OMi consoles (to two different servers) oppened in the same browser?


When I open the second server, the first console stops working - I get the error:

The page you requested cannot be displayed because the Lightweight Single Sign-On host has logged out. The current page will close in 5 seconds.

The servers are independent - I just need two for testing/development. It's a bit of a pain having to log-in/log-out each time I need to check something on the other server.






  • One of the factors taken into consideration with light-weight SSO is the domain name of the management server (OMi, BSM, NNMi, etc).  If your two servers have the same domain name, then that may account for it.  In that case, you either need to configure LW-SSO between the two or if you don't want that, then open the second GUI in a separate browser that does not share the same browser cache.  For example, with IE you can do this with iexplore.exe -noframemerging.



  • I'm having a hard time seeing the usefullness of this feature... I'd expect single sign-on to NOT work by default and having it enabled if desired. So does granting a user permission on one server, grant the same on the other?


    Anyway... can't find anything that would allow me to specify that the two OMi server are not connected (appart from specifying a different domain, which I can't because they are both in the same domain).


    I even tried private browsing to workaround the problem - with no luck. I'm running out of browsers ;)


    I just want the servers to be treated as separate entities.