OMi OA perl could include more modules by default



I'm seeing that perl is somewhat the best solution to write monitors.

The OMi Dev Kit relies on perl. It's an obious choice since you can write code that can run both on windows and unix.


I like perl, too... but at the same time I hate it Perl is fine until the functionality you need is in perl core or if the module you need is already packaged in the distribuiton you need (that would be perlA in our case).


In one of our previous solutions (for HPOM 9.x)  we had to work miracles to make it work on both platforms and without requiring the user install additional perl modules (or requiring the customer to install Active perl).


This time I wanted to use it to monitor something via http and found that there's no way to do a http request with perlA (at least I could not find it, correct me if I'm wrong). I could of course use wget or curl, but this works only on Linux (or at least I have to provide the windows binaries, too).


And please don't say that PAR is solution. This also requires bundling .so's and can break depending on OS version.


So could someone push for adding some more modules (license permitting) into perlA?


I'll start with my list:


- DateTime (for strptime)


In hope of a more up-to-date perlA...


Best regards


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  • Hi,

    as far as I know you will have to use the CLI for sending events. Unfortunately there is no perl API you can use from external perl - only for embedded perl (inside of Measurement Threshold policies) you can generate events.

    But hopefully you don't to generate so many events that running a CLI would cause bigger problems.

    I don't know if HTTPS is supported - I never tried. There are modules for https, so maybe it works.