SHR 9.40 - SysPerf_ETL_PerformanceAgent streams shows warnings

Hi there,


I've just installed SHR 9.40 do use it for performance and event statistic reporting from HP OM environment.


Here's the setup:

HPOM 9.21

SHR 9.40

HP OM Agt 11.14


Here's the status in Internal Monitoring -> Data processing view:

Checking i.e. Collect_CODA_GLOBAL step in the stream shows "PID:16802Collect completed status - 15" which (as I found) translates into "no data collected/no data to collect"

In my Collection Configuration I have HP OM database added (agents were added automatically):


What can I do to troubleshoot this situation/get rid of the warnings and process the data correctly ? 

I should mention that agents are working in the environment (with every component working aswell)


Best regards,

Michal B