Any OM monitoring policies for OBR 10

Any OM monitoring policies for OBR 10

Are there any pre-packaged OM(9.2)  monitoring polcies for OBR(10) server?

  • This is why I created my own OM SPI for SHR while at the first client where I deployed SHR 9.0. :-)

    The OBR troubleshooting guide indicates that SHR OM Policies should be located here:



    Check in this folder and see if the policies are there.


  • Thanks for the reply everyone.

    SHR_monitoring_policies_for_OM are there in %PMDB_HOME%\config folder. but those polices are mainly for SHR 9.30.

    I might probably have to customize those policies for OBR 10.

    But HP should provide those policies prepackaged for OBR 10 if they were there for SHR 9.30!

  • I totally agree.

    One of the first things I did when SHR 9.0 came out is develop a custom HP OMW SPI for SHR. :-)

    I would start with the Troubleshooting Guide, as it is full of excellent target information for policies.

    Also, check out other threads in this forum, including one of my own, where specific memory issues are found in the BO logging directory logs, such as this:

    <ERROR COMPONENT="WIS" ERRORCODE="30285" ERRORTYPE="USER" MESSAGE="The Web Intelligence server is running out of memory, your document has been closed. If the problem persists, contact your BusinessObjects administrator. (Error: ERR_WIS_30285)" PREFIX="ERR">

    This is a prime target for a log file encapsulator policy, for instance.

    If you would like, I can revisit my SHR SPI and develop the OBR SPI equivalent. However, given that OMW/L/U will reach end of life on 12.31.2017, an OMi Management Pack might be the best idea here.