Events picked up from by a XML policy in BSMC SCOM connector 2.0 do not enter event processing.



We are having an issue with our BSM and the BSM Connectors (SCOM in particular!). We are currently on BSM version 9.21.131, Build 113.


Events picked up from SCOM by the SCOM connector 2.0 with a XML policy using source SCOMAlerts.xml do not enter event automation/processing.


Events picked up by the XML policy reaches the OMi console and it has been thru Related CI Resolution: 


For instance:  "Success: Hint "" resolved."


But, as mentioned, it apperently never reaches the event automation and event processing. AFAIK this problem only relates to the XML policy from the BSMC. Other policy variants we have tested from all BSMC's (including the BSMC for SCOM!) are successful. We have for instance been testing with Open Message Interface policies. And it works like a charm. 


There's nothing wrong with the Groovy scripts used. They load as they should. We use  test scripts that are extremely simple (just adding a custom field). Test scripts are placed in each of the four EPI steps (Before CI/ETI Resolution, After CI/ETI Resolution, Before Storing Events and After Storing Events).

With debugging on, the logfile (BDP: C:\HPBSM\log\opr-scripting-host\opr-scripting-host.log) shows us that all processing is done okay. As well do the custom fields in the events in OMi where all added custom fields added by the scripts are present.


In the log file X:\HPBSM\log\opr-scripting-host\opr-scripting-host.log on the BSM data processing server (BDP) we se absolutely no trace of any processing of events picked up by XML policies from our SCOM BSM Connector. No scripts are run. But the event reaches the event browser in OMi with Related CI Resolution performed as it should.


Why do this happen? Is there something unique with events traveling thru the world of the XML policy from SCOM that make them lesser of more worth than other events from other policies?


Anyone else seen this? Any input appreciated.


Kind rgds,




  • Verified Answer

    Support set up a ftp site for me and supplied it with the hotfix "OMi-9_21-Rollup-Hotfix-2-Windows". Amongst other fixes this was in the rollup: "QCCR1A159317 OMI EPI scripts not working on XML events from BSM Connector"

    Hotfix installed and it did fix the problem as promised. Approx. 15 minutes downtime was all it took.