BSMC for OneView not sending Topo/Events



We have recently did integrate HP OneView 1.x with BSM 9.25 using BSM Connector 9.2x and OneView policies 1.x (Downloaded from HPE Live Network.


We have followed the installation instructions:

- Copied the OneView folder to the specified BSMC directory

- Allowed Firewall rules between OV, BSMC, and BSM

- Configured OV host and admin credentials in BSMC (Genencrypt)


in BSM logs -> OneView-Events and OneView-Topology everything seems OK, no error messages whatsoever, same in BSM logs opr-svcdisc....log no error messages.


However in BSM we don't see OV topology or events.

How can we move further in troubleshooting this integration?


Thank you very much.