SHR 9.32 - Configure Remote Collector



We try to connect a remote collector to the SHR server.


After installation of the remote collector we run the following command on the remote collector machine:


"perl %PMDB_HOME%/bin/scripts/ <SHR system’s fully

qualified hostname>"


When we configure the remote collector in the SHR server, the connection test is successfull.


But once we start the configuration we get the following message:


"failed to configure collector, Test_Poller"


Looking into the "remotepoller" log file we can see the following ERROR:


"Failed to upload config.prp to collector"


Firewall routing is enabled on port 383 in both directions.


Has somebody experienced the same problem and can guide me into the right direction?


Best regards,


  • Verified Answer

    Something wrong with the certificate?


    1. Login to SHR remote collector system and run command ovcoreid and make note of the core id of the collector.
    2. Login to SHR server and then run command ovcm -issue -file <file> -name <node name>  -coreid
     <coreid> where < node name> is the collector's FQDN and <coreid> is the core id of the collector system that was previously noted in step 1.
    3. Copy the certificate <file> to the remote collector system
    4. Login to the remote collector and once the file is copied, run the command, ovcert -importcert -file <file> to import the certificate on the collector.
    5. Login to Admin GUI of SHR and then add the collector now.
  • Hi,


    We've created the new certificate and imported it into the remote collectors keystore. Now it works, so I guess that the old certificate was corrupt.


    Thank you!


    Best regards,


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