Real User Monitor URL Builder paremeter

Hi awesome experts, I am just having some doubts on how URL builder works inside the RUM. I do have a Report page with URL type like this - ABC/.../ABC.jsp


So i configured this page with a general URL

Page name - Report

URL path - ABC/.../ABC.jsp

paremeters - Atleast one paremeter


and i am getting the page details and all successfully.


But now i want to seperate the general report page into different individual report page (atleast for some of the main reports) still i would like to keep this general URL there(for non important reports)


so if i do this in below way , will it work?


Page name - Report A

URL path - ABC/.../ABC.jsp

paremeters - paremeters listed below as well as other parameters


am i doing this wrong? will i now get the both reports? I just want to make sure before i try this in work place.Thanks a lot :hug: