OVO/OM version number from the command line

Does anybody know how to get the OVO/OM version from the command line?
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    If you are talking of OM-Windows management server then you can use the command "vpstat -9" and look at the output.

    If you are using OM-Unix management server then one way to do this would be to look at swlist output.

    Hope this helps.
  • check with the options by using for opcsv in unix and vpstat in windows u ll get lot more options with that version also....

  • Thanks for all of your answers. Here is what I finally came up with:

    ovconfget -ovrg server opc | grep OPC_INSTALLED_VERSION | awk '{FS="=";print $2}'
  • You can use opcagt -version to determine current version of OVO agent ( HP OpenView)

  • Hello All,


    Added to what  was mentioned  the following commands will provide more information on the respective version:


    Agent side


    # opcagt -version




    >opcagt -version 11.13.007


    # ovdeploy -inv


    >ovdeploy -inv NAME            


    DESCRIPTION                              VERSION   TYPE OSTYPE HPOvAgtLc       

    HP Operations agent L10N Package         11.13.007 pkg  Windows HPOvBbc         

    HP Software HTTP Communication           11.13.007 pkg  Windows HPOvConf        



    # ovconfget


    on the output please verefy the field "OPC_INSTALLED_VERSION"








    OPC_INSTALLATION_TIME=Mon Jan 27 22:33:35 2014




    HP OMW Server (Operations Manager for Windows)


    # vpstat -9


    ============================================================ ========== Server/Console and Component Versions =========== ============================================================


    Connecting ...

    Product version on node: \\OMW_Server  

    Management Server  : A.09.00  

    Management Console : A.08.19


    List of installed product components:  

    HPSharedComp     11.11.25 (HP Shared Component)  

    HPOvSpiMses         8.2.3 (HP Operations Smart Plug-In for Microsoft Enterprise Servers)




    Hope this information helps.


    Thanks and Regards,

    Carlos Pinto


    HP Support


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