[ST OMU] Socket timeout error when launching the Java Gui in Cluster Environment


Trying to launch Operatons Manager for Unix/Linux (OMU/OML) Java GUI shows the following errors:

"Access denied to 10.x.x.x (ITO205-13) Socket timeput occured"

All of the Java GUI tools are not getting any output.  

When executed the tool says:

Tool started, please wait

It times out and says:

Access is denied to abc (ITO250-13)

socket timeout occurred.

abc is the active OML node in the cluster.

All the regular steps to solve this problem have been tried with no success.


1.      Have everyone log out of their Java GUI sessions
2.      Disable Java GUi Services:
# /opt/OV/bin/OpC/utils/disable_java_gui
3.      Clean out any WWW* or WAP* files from
#cd /var/opt/OV/share/tmp/OpC/mgmt_sv
#rm WWW*
#rm WAP*
4.      Clear out java GUI queue files:
    a) cd /var/opt/OV/share/tmp/OpC/ui
    b) rm .uiwww.lock.*
    c) rm uiwww.socket.*
Also check if any gui are already open:

5.      Restart Java GUI services: /opt/OV/bin/OpC/utils/enable_java_gui
6.      Try again


For some reason the Systems Infrastructure SPI (SI-SPI) affects the JAVA GUI functionality.
The SI-SPI was not installed on all the nodes of the Cluster.
According to the Infrastructure SPI installation guide:
The HPOM console does not function properly until you install the Infrastructure SPIs on all
the nodes (that are a part of the cluster) in the HPOM cluster.

In a clustered installation of HPOM it is necessary to keep the installation consistent on all
nodes, regardless of the physical cluster nodes it is currently running on. A consistent
installation means that all nodes have the same SPIs and HPOM patches installed. A
clustered installation also requires a consistent configuration of HPOM on all cluster nodes.
Before installing the Infrastructure SPIs in a cluster environment, make sure that the first
node you select to install the Infrastructure SPIs on, is an active cluster node; otherwise the
installation on the first node will fail. Subsequently, install the same package on each cluster
node. Alternatively, you can save the selection configuration file (ini file created by the
installer) on the first node, and use it to install the same set of packages on other cluster

Install the Systems Infrastructure SPI on all of the nodes that are part of the cluster in the HPOM cluster.

This is documented in the following KCS document: