[ST OMU] Systems Infrastructure "Disk space utilization" showing wrong severity

"Disk space utilization" Systems Infrastructure Smart Plugin Interface (SI-SPI) policy deployed with different severities starting from Critical to Warning.
Only Warning threshold is calculated on the node, for example disk space on one of the FS is 92%, this should be Major but the reported severity is Warning ! (>75%).

Enabling the SI policy debug shows the following:
0: INF: Tue May 20 12:31:27 2014: SI-DiskCapacityMonitor-HPUX (29237/1): Debug values:
DiskMaxSize = 893810
DiskSpaceUsed = 804429
DiskFreeSpace = 89381 MB
DiskSpaceUtil = 90
InstanceName = 1074135041:/dev/vg_AML_r1/lvol1:/aml_db
DiskName = /aml_db

It is detecting the right utilization but wrong severity.


The thresholds specified in the [ovconfget eaagt] settings on the node do not include a default value:





This is actually wrong

If you override the values from [ovconfget eaagt], there must be always set a default value.
This is explained in the SI SPI manual:
Specify default values for the script parameters. The policies only work if there are default values without overriding the filesystem names.
These are described in the following examples:
* SpaceUtilMinorThreshold=80,/=30,/boot=40
In this example, 30 is the threshold for '/', 40 is the threshold for '/boot' and 80 is the default threshold for the rest of the filesystems.

* SpaceUtilMinorThreshold=/=30
In this example, such parameters are not allowed; you should always specify a default value.

So, the minimum threshold after Warning (>75%) from the example above will be next level Minor >95%
From above the current value 90.93 is not close enough to next level Minor.


Collect the following files for troubleshooting:

1) All the files from folder /var/opt/OV/datafiles/policies/monitor/

2) Output of the command: ls -al /var/opt/OV/log/Infraspi.txt*
and collect the files shown

The settings in [ovconfget eaagt] on the affected node must be changed specifying a default value.





This is documented in the following KCS article: http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM00994946