[ST OMU] Error when applying opcdbpwd -s to change opc_op user password


Trying to change the password of the user opc_op, with the command "opcdbpwd -s" however when entering the password the following error shows up:

Error opcdbpwd (OpC DB password tool)(18468) : Error - ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

The password was not accepted by the Oracle database.
Ensure that you use a valid password for the database user .
Do not start it with a number and do not use control characters.
Please try again !

The procedure described in the following article was followed without success since oracle is restricted to having a password with more than 8 characters:


1. as user oracle set the password of DB user opc_op to opc_op:

# rm -f /etc/opt/OV/share/conf/OpC/mgmt_sv/.opcdbpwd.sec
# su - oracle
$ sqlplus /nolog
SQL> connect / as sysdba;
SQL> alter user opc_op identified by opc_op;
SQL> exit

2. as super user use the OMU password tool to set the opc_op's password to opc_op

$ exit
# opcdbpwd -s

Root cause unknown.


1)      The password in oracle has been changed but not in HPOM (i.e.: it was run the following command in SQL*Plus alter user opc_op identified by newpassword)
2)      Stop the HPOM server completely:
#   ovc -stop
#   ovc -kill
3)      On the remote DB (or local) run in SQL*Plus:
SQL> alter user opc_op account unlock;
4)      Move or delete the files of previous passwords:   
#   mv /etc/opt/OV/share/conf/OpC/mgmt_sv/.opcdbpwd.sec /etc/opt/OV/share/conf/OpC/mgmt_sv/opcdbpwd.backup
5)      Export to an environment variable the password set in the Database for user opc_op
#   export OPC_OP_PASSWD=<yourpasswordhere>
6)      Execute the command to change the password:
#   opcdbpwd -pre
7)      Once executed make sure that the file opcdbpwd.sec was created
8)      Change the password in the AdminUI
#   /opt/OV/OMU/adminUI/adminui password -u ovodb -a -p other
#   /opt/OV/OMU/adminUI/adminui stop
#   /opt/OV/OMU/adminUI/adminui clean
#   /opt/OV/OMU/adminUI/adminui webassemblies
9)      Start the server once again and check that all processes are running
#   ovc -start -verbose
#   ovc -status
10)   Once all processes are up and running make sure that the server can do queries to the database, i.e.:
#   call_sqlplus.sh all_nodes
11)   Make sure to delete the environment variable created previously with the password (step 5).

This is documented in the following KCS article: http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM00977391