[Support Tip] How to know if you are receiving messages or not on the Management Server queue

1-> On the Management Server

Waiting on requests


2) From the node where you are sending the messages:

# opcmsg s=normal a=a o=o msg_text="testing opcmsg" -id
** Note: You can use your configured application/object/msg_text parameters **

The above command should output something like this:
-> opcmsg s=normal a=a o=object msg_text="testing opcmsg" -id

copy and save the id shown on the output above


Run the following command:

# strings /var/opt/OV/tmp/OpC/msgagtq | grep <id returned from the command above>


3) Go back to the management server and check if the id is shown.


4) Run the following command from the Management Server:
# strings /var/opt/OV/share/tmp/OpC/mgmt_sv/msgmgrq | grep <id returned from the command you ran on the node>


With these steps you can find out if the messages you noticed missing on the Message browser (JAVA GUI) are actually arriving to the Management Server queue.