OpenStack Instance Names

I've deployed a Cloud Optimizer 3.00 virtual appliance to see how the product works with OpenStack (Liberty), and I'm wondering if what I'm seeing in the interface is correct.  I've added the KVM compute nodes (Ubuntu 14.04) as datasources, and have also added an OpenStack data source.  Something that I noticed though is that all of the OpenStack instance names are showing up as their name in KVM - like instance-0000005d.  I guess I would have expected a rationalization of the name to take place once the OpenStack datasource was added so that instance name was more intelligible, and I'm not sure if maybe I just have a configuration issue with Cloud Optimizer, or this is how its supposed to be?

I've also noticed that even though the OpenStack user that I've given to CloudOptimizer has access to several projects, I'm only seeing one project's worth data showing up.  I'm using Keystone v3.0, and I'm not sure specifically what CloudOptimizer is expecting.

Is there anyone that could say whether the data that I'm seeing in Cloud Optimizer is what I should expect, or should it be presenting instance names more appropriately as well as pulling data from all tenants that the user account has access to?

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  • Hello Doubando,

    I was just looking at the support matrix for Cloud Optimizer and noticing that OpenStack Liberty is not officially supported.  Depending on the version of Cloud Optimizer, OpenStack Juno, Kilo and Mitaka are supported.

    As for the resolution of the instance name, I personally do not have access to an OpenStack environment to confirm, but this could very well be normal.  I would suggest opening an enhancement request if you wish this to be corrected.

    When logging in as a spectific user and authentication key, it will only allow access or discovery as that user.  If there are multiple environments created by different users where your specified user is not the owner, it may not show up within the discovery process.  I've seen this within AWS where there are multiple user environments configured.

    I hope that this information is helpful.



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