[OM TIP] Error when trying to edit a node via the adminui: "Duplicate widget id"


After installing the new patch (9.11.040) on OMU server, the following error is shown when trying to edit a node via the AdminUI:
Duplicate widget id "1__linux____x86____linux26" detected at fd:group -
Container widget "node-type-platform-sel" at fd:union -
already contains a widget with id "1__linux____x86____linux26" at fd:group -


The error shown: " Duplicate widget id " indicates, that there is an AgentPlatform file twice in the OM server.
MIDAS & AdminUI do not allow the same platform file (& platform numbers) more than once.


Remove the additional agent bits:

Please check your system for any duplicates.


#cd /var/opt/OV/share/databases/OpC/mgd_node/vendor
#find / -name AgentPlatform


In this example deleted this one (the whole directory structure, not just the AgentPlatform file):

and performed the steps below and adding nodes worked again :

notes: Make sure you move the file outside the OM vendor tree. You could also delete it.

Additionally, please remove ALL .xml files inside the following directory:

After that a restart of AdminUI is necessary:
/opt/OV/OMU/adminUI/adminui stop
/opt/OV/OMU/adminUI/adminui start

This is documented in the following KCS article: http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM00779402