changing threshold for datastore utilisation


can someone help me know how to change the threshold to monitor datastore utilization as i cound not find any configuration for datastore in the policy vPV Custom Alert Sensitivity Definition.


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  • Thanks for your quick response, I tried to search for the setting i could not find the namespace other than the below entries..


    grep -i pvcd.PO
    DiskHeadRoom = int(pvmonutils.GetThresholdValue("pvcd.PO","RIGHTSIZE_DISK_HEADROOM"))
    DiskHeadRoom = int(pvmonutils.GetThresholdValue("pvcd.PO","RIGHTSIZE_DISK_HEADROOM"))

  • you need to use the command /opt/OV/bin/ovconfchg -edit - this opens up the settings in vi editor. edit the value for disk headroom setting.

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    Here is the excerpt from Cloud Optimizer 3.01 online help (pdf version, page 168):

    To change the sensitivity as Custom
    1. Log on as an administrator.
    2. Go to the following location:
    3. Open the vPV_Alerts_Custom_Configuration.ini file.
    4. Edit the sensitivity parameters as per your requirements.
    Note: Additionally, you can change the threshold value for datastore space utilization. The threshold value for datastore space utilization = 100 - RIGHTSIZE_DISK_HEADROOM. By default, the parameter RIGHTSIZE_DISK_HEADROOM is set to 10. So, the default threshold value is 90.
    To change the threshold value to 75,
    a. Edit the vPV-CustomAlertSensitivityDefinition policy.
    b. Update RIGHTSIZE_DISK_HEADROOM as follows:
    5. Run the script: /opt/OV/lbin/PV/ custom. Alerts are now be sent based on the customized threshold values.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi,

    i could not find that setting in the file. please advise.


    [root@LWLIPIR04 SensitiveFiles]# grep -i RIGHTSIZE_DISK_HEADROOM vPV_Alerts_Custom_Configuration.ini

  • Can someone helps how to change the datastore threshold, not able to find  RIGHTSIZE_DISK_HEADROOM

    in /var/opt/OV/conf/PV/Monitoring/SensitiveFiles

  • ovconfchg -edit

    scroll down to [pvcd.PO]

    Here you can set the values:


    You may also execute the below command:

    ovconfchg -ns pvcd.PO -set RIGHTSIZE_DISK_HEADROOM <value>

    Verify the set value

    ovconfget pvcd.PO