OpenView agent 08.53 to 08.60 supported by Windows 2003?

Hey folks.


I've been combing the internet and HP Support for information about upgrading from OpenView agent 08.53 to 08.60 for Windows 2003 x86 and I can't seem to find any information as to how the upgrade process is run or whether it's even possible.


Does anyone have any idea whether this can work? I know 64-bit systems can run 08.60 and I have the 64-bit version of 08.60 (that runs on Windows 2008), but will that work with a 32-bit version of Windows 2003?


Much appreciated, guys!

  • Hello


    You can move from OM 8.53 agent to OM 8.60.501 agent on Windows 2003 (32 bit server) with no issues. You can find the OM 8.60.501 agent in the OAWIN_00001 patch (it is an agent meant that can be installed on any OM managment server and get the OM 8.60.501 agent meant for Windows platform).


    This is the link to the OAWIN_00001 patch


    and you can see the documentation for it as well. Make sure you read the patch readme before you install the patch for it covers lots of details on both pre-reqs and knowns issues!


    Hope this helps.




  • Hey, Ram!


    Thanks for responding to me.. Sorry I didn't get back to you right away.


    So here's the thing... this will be a little wild, but I'll try to explain it as best I can.


    First, the short version:


    1) I only want to install 8.60 on ONE Windows server, not all of the ones my management server... well, manages.


    2) If I install the patch, it will overwrite the 8.53 version I have on there, something I can't have happen.


    3) Untar'ing the file produces what appear to be corrupted files in the RPC_BBC folder of A.08.10.160.



    Now, the long version. Brace yourself.


    I have a number of servers that I manage, including a bunch of Windows 2003 (32-bit) servers currently running 08.53 on them. If I install this patch, I'll overwrite the 08.53 agent version on the management server; I don't want to do that as, as I've said, quite a few servers are still using 08.53. I just want to install this patch on ONE server to see if it fixes a problem of mine.


    With that in mind, let me explain what I've done so far:


    1) I downloaded the patch (called "PHSS_39505") and placed it on the management server under the /tmp/ folder.


    2) I ran the command "sh PHSS_39505" and pulled out two files: "PHSS_39505.depot" and "PHSS_39505.txt".


    3) I untar'd the .depot file by running "tar xvf PHSS_39505.depot".


    4) From the newly-created directory, I navigated to:




    Okay, here we are. In this folder, all of the files that are deployed to a Windows 2003 (32-bit) server are in here. We have an install folder, a bunch of .msi and .xml files, and the "opc_inst.vbs" script that you usually can use to manually install an agent from the node (by including the management server's address).




    The opc_inst.vbs file is basically unreadable. Here's a picture of what the inside of the file looks like:



    Turns out all of the other .xml and .vbs filesinside this "PHSS_39505" folder all look like that.


    Is this some sort of encoding problem? Do I have to unzip it somehow after untar'ing it? Can I just replace the opc_inst.vbs files and .xml files with the old 8.53 files (that I CAN open as readable files) and manually install it that way?



    I know this is a whole lot of stuff to process, but if you or anyone else out there has any idea how to handle this, I'd be greatly appreciative.





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    Woah. Alright... I think I figured it out.

    Basically, all of the files in all of these directories are still in compressed form by gzip. I have to basically gunzip every single file in here to get their uncompressed versions.