(CO) Support Tip: Cloud Optimizer 3.04 is available for Download!

Hello CO Community,

Earlier this month, on Monday, June 4th, 2018, CO 3.04 was released and available for download.

CO 3.04 is not a patch but a minor-minor release.  It can only be downloaded from the License and Downloads portal.  This URL may change in the future, so here is how to access the link from the Software Support Online Portal (SSO).

  1. Go to https://softwaresupport.softwaregrp.com
  2. Login to portal
  3. Go to Product Information > License & Downloads

Here is the 'What's New in This Release" section found within the CO 3.04 Release Notes.

OBR Integration

The following enhancements were made for Cloud Optimizer OBR integration:

  • Enhanced to communicate in secure TLS protocol between Cloud Optimizer and OBR
  • Extraction and preprocessing is done in Cloud Optimizer and the collection of CSV files from each CO target is done simultaneously

Note: If you are using CO MP 1.26 Management Pack with OBM, apply the hotfix related to QCCR8D103460.

Upgraded Open Source Components

The following open source components are upgraded to newer versions with Cloud Optimizer 3.04:

  • Apache Tomcat 7.00.085
  • JRE 1.08.172

Integration with other Products

  • Support for OBM MP for Cloud Optimizer 1.26
  • Support for Vertica 9.0.1-3
  • Support for Operations Agent 12.06
  • Support for OBM 10.63
  • Support for OBR 10.31

Upgrade Component

  • ComputeSensor is upgraded to version 12.06.

I hope that this information is helpful.