(CO) Support Tip: VMware Cluster and Resource Pool metrics are not showing correctly

Hello CO Community,

I am encountering many support cases that are being elevated to me where the VMware information, including metric information, is not showing correctly within CO.  The data collection appears to be successful within the settings screen.

While the data collection process itself appears to be completing successfully, it is not really collecting the information that is being expected.

As everyone knows, one of the challenges with collecting data from VMware is the maxQueryMetrics value not being set properly on the VMware vCenter server.  There have been a number of knowledge articles and Support Tips about the topic.

Another topic that often goes unrecognized is the collection of Cluster and Resource Pool information.  Even with the maxQueryMetrics values being set properly, there may be more items that could cause data collection problems with VMware vCenter latency issues.  The results would be gaps within the workbench screen that following a near-regular pattern.

One potential solution to this situation is to set the config.vpxd.stats.collectPreAgreatedIntervalFactor value to '1' from the default value of '4'.  Here is an official VMware document discussing the issue.

Latency issues with cluster and resource pool metrics (2149784)

More detailed information about this issue as well as the maxQueryMetrics issue and more are discussed within the following comprehensive knowledge document written by Thierry Ledent.

KM02945185 - Recommended settings for the vCenter (maxQueryMetrics, statistics levels, collectPreAggregatedIntervalFactor) for optimal metrics collection by Cloud Optimizer

I hope that this information is helpful.

Have a great week!