Sitescope Alert Query



I have a sitescope Monitor Run Setting to run every 2 mins and 1 mins on error.


I have also selected the "Verify Error".


If I have set the alert to email "Initially after 3 times, and repear every 180 times:"


Question 1:



Will I get an email in


1) 6th minute (3 x 2 mins)

2) 3th minute (2 mins (first attempt) retry on error (o mins) 1 mins (Error frequency)

3) 4 th min (2 mins (first attempt) 1 min (Error Frequency) 1 min Error frequency)

4) Other time (if so please let me know how)



Question 2:


Repeat (alert) every 180 times - will this mean repeaet alert after


1) 2 min x 180 times  (once every 6 hours)

2) 180 including (Error Frequency)  - 180 mins (3 hours)


Will the error frequencey be counted in the repeat intervel.


Question 3:


Will the "Verify Error" trigger only once after "Frequency" setting or everytime after Error Frequency as well?


Thank you