Not getting Report Data for BPM in BSM

We have BSM 9.25 and BPM 9.24. we have recorded Script using Vugen 11.50 and Script is running fine in BPM.

But we are not getting Report Data in BSM. could you please tell us what could be the issue here.

  • there can be so many areas which might have an issue and you provided so little information that your best option is to open Support case and let one of the support engineers help you.

    or you can provide more info, such as:

    1) do you see colors in Service Health for that transaction (for example in TopView or View 360)?

    2) which report doesnt show data?

    3) do you see data in Triage raw data report?

    4) did you check the logs on your GW for any obvious issue? maybe db_loader for example...