Ping Availability ETI in node down events

Hi All,

We have integrated OMW to OMi. A node down message coming from OMW has ETI "Ping Availability: Unavailable" automatically, which sets the status of "System Availability" KPI to critical. This is ok.

But when node up message comes (normal), it acknowledges the node down message, but it does not have any ETI. Thus the CI status (its KPI) remain to be critical even if the node has come up.

The question is how I can put ETI "Ping Availability: Available" in the normal message so the it sets the KPI as normal/green in OMi dahsboards.


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    This issue can be resolved by creating a new filter called "PingAvailabilityFilter" which is a copy of the "PingUnAvailabilityFilter". The new "PingAvailabilityFilter" should be configured for messages of severity "Normal" where the title contains the words "is now running” and then the "Ping Availability" indicator can be modifed to use the "PingUnAvailabilityFilter" and new "PingAvailabilityFilter".

    This should resolve the problem you see.



  • Hi Colin,

    Thnks for your reply. To implement this, we need to have node-up normal messages fwd to OMi. But as they are directly going to ack msg browser in OMW, so they are not getting fwded to OMi. In OMi, the node-down message is just closed due to "message corelation".

  • Hello,

    Even though OMW receives the message in the acknowledged message browser, the message is still forwarded to OMi and if you look in the closed events (using the "Received" option in the Closed Event Browser Configuration UI) then you will see the "(MS733) OV Control Daemon on node "xxxx" is now running." event.



  • Many Thanks Colin. Finally we are getting ETI PingAvailability:Available in node up events. That was really helpful.