mldap_search output error


i'm using Vugen 12.52, and i try to create new script for testing several technology. This time i would like to check my LDAP querying it and compare the result to a known value to confirm that LDAP is working preperly.

here is my code:


// Search entry Dupont
mldap_search ("LDAP Search OpenLDAP",

lr_output_message("The uid value is: %d", lr_eval_string("{mldap_attribute_uid_0}"));
lr_output_message("The mail value is: %s", lr_eval_string("{mldap_attribute_mail_1}"));




Here the output:

Action.c(24): The uid value is: 109972000
Action.c(25): The mail value is: {mldap_attribute_mail_1}

I test with LDAPAdmin and it works, now i do not understand why line 25 return the variable name and not his value, in the meantime (as i'm not an expert of C), i do not understand the corresponding of the umerical value retrieve by the script.


I would like to compare this value with one entry in my LDAP.

Thx for your help



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