Agent rollback on OMW server

Hello Experts,


What would be the steps to roll back an agent upgrade on OMW servers. We running on OMW 8.16 with latest patch and planning to have tested OA11


If OA11 upgrade fails we should be able to roll it back. Any help would be of great help.




  • Hello


    This is a tricky one to have a DR plan other than a full backup. The issue is an agent upgrade on OMW server is tricky for it also will update binaries that are used by OMW server (L-core components are shared). So if there is a problem it will be tricky to recover easily and the quick way is to restore from backup taken just before the upgrade of agent.


    Also check the OA 11.x documentation for it comes with Install Guide which has specific steps and you can follow them and it should help you.



  • Thank you Ram. Yeah its really tricky.